Musabaqoh Tilawatil Qur’an Mahasiswa Nasionl (MTQMN) FKIP Jambi University is an annual competition held by the University of Jambi. This year is the 2nd year this agenda will be held.

Biology education students joined the members of the FKIP UNS Delegation finalist team for MTQMN FKIP Jambi University in 2023 on 13-15 June 2022

Final of the Musabaqoh Fahmil Qur’an (MFQ) competition, FKIP UNS sent a team of delegates : Illiyyin Putuhana (Biology Education 2020), Arina Ilma Mufida (Biology Education 2021), and Rahma Dewi Arifah (Physics Education 2020)

The final round was held offline at the Jambi University’s Hall on June 13 2023

Announcement of winners was held on June 15. This year, UNS won 2nd place in Fahmil Qur’an Competition MTQMN FKIP Jambi University