Head of Biology Alumni FKIP UNS
Gondangrejo State High School Biology teacher

I started studying at the UNS FKIP Biology Program starting in 1990 and graduating in 1995, while graduating from UNS I opened the EL Roza Computer Education Institute business in Pabelan Surakarta. In 1995-1999. I also taught at Muhamadiyah 4 Surakarta High School as a GTT teacher from 1997-2000 and then moved to Gondangrejo State High School because I was appointed as a civil servant. While at SMA Negeri Gondangrejo my career was as follows:

  1. 2000-2007 as Vice Principal of Student Affairs
  2. Year 2007-2009 Study Assignments at UGM
  3. 2010-2018 as Vice Principal of Student Affairs
  4. Year 2019- Now as WK Curriculum

Apart from being a teacher, my daily activities are also as a book composer at CV Seti Aji Surakarta. Apart from that, I also founded the Krisna Karya printing press, which has been active until now.

Novi Andari Yasminingsih, S.Pd., M.Si

Surakarta City Education Unit Supervisor

And now is the time to “prove” myself, after being “boiled in the Condrodimuko Crater” which is called FKIP-Biology Universitas Sebelas Maret. Quality Academic Activities with Lecturers who have Extraordinary Steady Competence in their fields supported by SarPras who support Lectures and Practicums, plus fertilizer Student Activities in the organization are very deeply rooted in my Personality. And now it is this root that supports my career which continues to grow to produce sweet fruits through real work in my life.

Flashback and Self-Reflection After Studying at FKIP-Biology UNS, it turns out that there are many agencies and institutions that are looking for and need Alumni from FKIP-Biology, Universitas Sebelas Maret. Not waiting for a long time, I immediately got a “Charity Field” for the application of knowledge and skills that I had obtained from my lectures at FKIP_Biology UNS. I became a high school biology teacher whose presence was highly anticipated by my students. With the Capital of Knowledge that I got from quality lecturers at FKIP_Biologi UNS I was able to answer the Challenges of the Age/Nature of the Age which continues to move dynamically by staying moved, moving and driving all the potential that I have to become an agent of change in the world of Education with Innovation and creativity that forged during college first. Several educational institutions even began to attract me to become a tutor, facilitator and expert trainer in the world of education. It’s time for me to apply my involvement in student organizations especially to hone my skills in communicating, collaborating and synergizing well. Thank you to my UNS, especially the Faculty of Teaching and Biology Education for taking part in the formation of character and competencies that are increasingly solid and qualified so that I am in my current position as Supervisor of the Education Unit. Still Knowledge and All Temptations from Lecturers at FKIP-Biology UNS accompanies every assignment and My Career in the Application of Academic Supervision and Managerial Supervision in My Duties and Functions as a School Superintendent.

Citra Mashita

Tutor of Homeschooling Kak Seto Surabaya – Freelance EO and MC

The comfortable learning atmosphere is supported by complete facilities, as well as lecturers and employees who are very competent.

I strongly feel how Biology Education UNS is very supportive and encourage students to enhance their knowledge and skill in education, research, and dedication both in the national and international event. They give me the right tools on how to maximize my potential.

In non-academic and students’ organization, there are many opportunities that can be done during college. These experiences are helpful in discovering what we really passionate. That’s all makes me easier to qualify myself in an increasingly competitive market and live a very dynamic career life.

Ayu Rahma Ulufa Nuri

SMPN SBBS Gemolong (Sragen Bililingual Boarding School)

I’m Ayu Rahma Ulufa Nuri, a Biology Education Student 2014
Now, I’m a science teacher at one of the public schools in Sragen
I am proud to be one part of the Biology Education Family. I get a lot of experiences while studying here. One of them is joining Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia. I joined the Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Thailand 2017. I taught at one of Bangkok’s famous public school; Suankularb Wittayalai Rangsit School. With the biological sciences that our great lecturers have taught, I can teach students easily. When I teach in Thailand, our lecturers are always monitoring our progress and are ready to help if we need help in the academic field. Our study program strongly supports students to join international events, including International Conference. I attended one of the International Conference events in Thailand in the same year. The theme of the International Conference I have joined is Youth Empowerment Society for Sustainable Development Goals. I presented the theme of Quality Education which relates to my study. My other experience was, I have also taught in Malaysia in the International Community Service Program in the following year.

My experiences attending international events are very beneficial for my career development. I teach in bilingual schools, so my teaching experience using English can be applied in school. Similarly, the knowledge and experience I gained while studying in biology education helped me teach the concept of science in the classroom.

For the students of biology education UNS: do not only sit in the class, but go outside to create experiences. Join the campus programs that relate to your interest to support the development of your potential. Hopefully, Biology Education UNS can continue developing and becoming one of the targets of international student study programs.

Rina Puji Astuti

Young Researcher at the Big Center for Aquaculture Research and Fisheries Extension, Indonesian Ministry of Marine and Fisheries

Rina Puji Astuti. alumni from the Study Program. Biology Education, FKIP UNS, graduated in 2000. In 2005 I continued my Masters degree at the Faculty of MIPA-Biology, Bogor Agricultural University. In 2016 I continued my doctoral degree at the Faculty of Biology, Gadjah Mada University. Currently, I am a young researcher at the Research Center for Marine Cultivation and Fisheries Extension, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia. For about ten years now I have studied zooplankton cultivation as natural food. The research results on the cultivation of Nannochloropsis oculata and Brachionus sp., and Copepod Cultivation have become technology recommendations issued by the Marine and Fisheries Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in 2015 and 2016.

Education in Biology Education FKIP has become a provision for me in continuing my studies and in pursuing a career as a researcher. Highly dedicated lecturers, in-depth lecture material, laboratory skills, as well as field work lectures that I received were able to make a real contribution to the self-development process.

Based on the achievements of the Biology Education that have been achieved so far, I believe that the Faculty of Biology is able to develop by combining research, human resources and technology to become part of the solution to global problems both in education and other fields, due to the breadth of biological knowledge that can be applied in life.

I am proud to be part of the Faculty of Biology and express my infinite gratitude to the Faculty of Biology of Sebelas Maret University for all the knowledge that has been conveyed, and the highest appreciation to the entire academic community in their efforts to develop this study program. Good luck always.


Researcher in Botany at the Research Center for Plant Conservation and Botanical Gardens – Indonesian Institute of Sciences

Studying at the Biology Education Study Program FKIP UNS is an extraordinary gift given by God. I got a quality education with relatively cheap tuition fees at that time. Learning in Biology Education Study Program FKIP UNS is equipped with practicum, so it is easier for me to understand lecture material. Thanks to the knowledge I got from professional lecturers while studying at Biology Education FKIP UNS, I was able to achieve my career goals. The material and knowledge that I got during college was very useful in supporting my career as a researcher in the field of Botany at the Center for Plant Conservation and Botanical Gardens Research – Indonesian Institute of Sciences. Even though I am not an educator or teacher, I can still work and contribute to society. I was able to produce a lot of scientific papers because of the knowledge I gained from the Biology Education Study Program, FKIP UNS. A message to younger siblings of Biology Education FKIP UNS, keep fighting and trying. Prove that we are able to compete in the national and international arena. We hope that the Biology Education Study Program FKIP UNS will be more advanced, more accomplished, and continue to produce excellent young people and professional educators for the nation. Thank you to the lecturers of Biology Education FKIP UNS, your services will never be forgotten

Yasir Sidiq

Lecturer in Biology Education FKIP Muhammadiyah University Surakarta – Doctoral Studies at Kanazawa University (Japan)

Studying at the Biology Education Study Program FKIP UNS provides a meaningful learning experience because the lectures are not only material but also practicum in biology and microteaching. Communication between the ranks of lecturers, staff, and students is very good so as to make students comfortable. I also gained organizational experience so that I have confidence and am able to contribute to activities in the community and in the work environment.

FKIP UNS Biology Education built my character to become a person who is ready to contribute to society with various challenges and competition because I am equipped with adequate skills and knowledge to work. Apart from that, I got very strong motivation from the lecturers to deepen my knowledge in the field that I am working on. Thanks to the contribution from Biology Education FKIP UNS I was able to successfully complete my Masters degree in genetics and molecular biology at Gadjah Mada University and am currently studying in the same field at Kanazawa University (Japan).

I hope that students who are currently studying Biology Education FKIP UNS are able to take advantage of opportunities by participating in various self-development activities (practicums, real work lectures, student exchanges, scientific work competitions, PKM, etc.) as best they can. I also hope that the Biology Education Study Program FKIP UNS can be consistent and continue to develop in contributing to providing quality education for prospective biology educators.

Widi Astuti

Private School Teacher (Deputy Principal for Curriculum)

2001 was the year when I was appointed as a student at one of the prestigious state universities in Indonesia, namely Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta. Thank God I was given the opportunity to seek knowledge and experience in the Biology Education Program through the PMDK (Interest Talent and Ability Screening) route, which means entering without a test alias using only report card scores. And that study program was what I chose from the start, on the recommendation of my parents too. Eee….as long as I am a student in the study program, I must be proud. During college I felt a comfortable, comfortable learning climate from both the campus side, teachers/lecturers, facilities or my classmates. The teachers are qualified guys… least they have masters degrees both at home and abroad. It is easy for me to accept the courses delivered by the teachers, because the lecturers also maintain good relations with their students. And that holds true until now. The point is really recommended to continue school there!

The Biology Study Program has a very big contribution for me and its alumni. For example, I, who currently serve as vice principal in the field of curriculum, are required to be available at any time to manage the school curriculum into a neat and effective curriculum. So, of course, this is very closely related to what I had as a student at that time. So sure it is!
For younger students, be proud to be part of the UNS Biology Study Program, because you will be forged with knowledge and life sciences that will benefit your life in the future. Stay passionate about learning and achieving your goals!
Hope for the Study Program, through the UNS Biology Study Program, that reliable Indonesian teacher candidates will be created who are ready to produce intelligent generations of knowledge, faith and morals