Alumni have made academic and non-academic contributions. In the non-academic realm, alumni have played a role as a source of information on career paths and job opportunities, donated facilities and infrastructure, provided scholarships and been involved in several community service activities. Providing information on career paths and opportunities, especially through posts on alumni social media networks, Facebook and WhatsApp. Alumni have provided facilities and infrastructure assistance in the form of several book titles, 2 AC units to support conduciveness of learning and 2 scholarships for students. In community service activities, alumni are involved in in-service activities, for example in service activities with the theme hands on activity in learning biology through microtechnical training (April – September 2017). Other non-academic activities by alumni are providing motivation and serving as resource persons related to SM3T.

Alumni have made academic contributions, especially in curriculum reconstruction activities (for example at Reconstruction on 14 August 2013, Alumni Gathering and Alumni Workshop on 3 June 2013, Workshop and submission of alumni assistance on 3 June 2017 and Curriculum Reconstruction on 10 June 2018). Other forms of academic contribution, for example alumni cooperation related to pre-service teacher certification/PPG which was pioneered since 2016, strengthening of academic abilities in research methodology training and data processing for students by competent alumni, and involvement as assessors in strengthening student microteaching competencies as assessors in Microteaching Invitations

Alumni Contribution Documentation