The Biology Education Group’s research focuses on the direction of research and community service in the learning and teaching of biology at the elementary to higher education levels. Some of the research projects currently being developed are core concept mapping in the Biology Curriculum, Development of Learning Progression in life sciences concepts, dynamic assessment, gaming learning, virtual laboratory, blended learning, and Higher Order Thinking Skills.


Murni Ramli, SP., M.Si., Ed.D (Chief)

Dr. Sri Dwiastuti, M.Si

Dr. Sri Widoretno, M.Si

Dr. Baskoro Adi Prayitno, M.Pd

Dr. Bowo Sugiharto, M.Pd

Kistantia Elok Mumpuni, S.Pd., M.Pd

Chandra Adi Prabowo, S.Pd., M.Pd

Drs. Dwi Oetomo, M. Si