Some BBESP students receive scholarships to complete their studies. The various types of scholarships obtained by BBESP students are as follows:

  1. Bidikmisi
    BIDIKMISI is tuition assistance from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia for prospective students who are economically disadvantaged and have the good academic potential to study at universities in leading study programs until they graduate on time. This assistance applies to those who qualify through the SNBP, SNBT, and Independent Examination pathways in state universities and private universities. This Bidikmisi program is provided for 8 semesters. The services that must be provided by the universities implementing the program are as follows: 1) The distribution of living cost assistance is carried out at the beginning of the period; 2) Free tuition fees are paid to universities. The services provided are based on the considerations and facilities of the College: 1) Accommodation; 2) Subsidy for book money; 3) Subsidy for learning tools (laptop); 4) Other costs related to education that is not paid directly to universities. For more information, please visit the website:
  2. KIP-Kuliah
    The KIP-Kuliah Scholarship or what is called the Indonesia Smart Card -College Scholarship, is a continuation of the BIDIKMISI scholarship, which changed the name of the program in 2020. KIP-Kuliah was created by the government as a complement to the Bidikmisi program which is targeted at underprivileged high-achieving people to continue their education to higher education. This program assists in the form of tuition fees and living expenses for students for 8 semesters. For more information, please visit the website:
  3. Rumah Kepemimpinan
    Rumah Kepemimpinan is a nation-owned institution that manages Zakat, Infaq, Sadaqah, and Waqf funds from the community to prepare future leaders. Rumah Kepemimpinan is a strategic institution owned by the nation, professionally managed in fostering the best human resources (students) to produce young leaders in the future. Participants of the Rumah Kepemimpinan are educated with the character values of Humble, Open Mind, Moderate, and Objective and always have Achievement and Contribution (ROOM-PK) to realize a better and dignified Indonesia. Rumah Kepemimpinan X provides study assistance in the form of monthly pocket money, coaching, and residential dormitories provided for 4 semesters. For more information, please visit the website:
  4. IKA-UNS
    IKA-UNS Scholarship is a scholarship from the Alumni Family Association/Ikatan Keluarga Alumni (IKA) of Sebelas Maret University (UNS) given to UNS students who are economically disadvantaged and do not get scholarships from any other party. This scholarship is given for 6 semesters. For more information, please visit the website:
  5. Afirmasi Dikti
    Afirmasi Dikti (ADik) is a government alignment program to help universities find and attract prospective students from the foremost, outermost, and disadvantaged areas and as an effort to provide the widest possible access to higher education to high school graduates or other equivalent forms. This affirmative education policy is carried out to provide learning opportunities to students who experience difficulties and affordability of access to education at the higher education level. the qualifications of students who can receive affirmative education assistance include: coming from the foremost, outermost, underdeveloped (3T) areas, indigenous Papuans (OAP), children of Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) from border areas, and students with disabilities, as well as university students affected by natural disasters or social conflicts. This scholarship program is awarded for 8 semesters. For more information, please visit the website:
  6. Bakti Nusa 12
    BAKTI NUSA is a leadership development program for student activists to form young prospective national leaders with Integrity, Scholarship, Transformative, and Serving the Community. This scholarship provides leadership development for student activists, monthly pocket money assistance, Leadership project funding support, and post-campus coaching. This scholarship program is for a duration of 6 months – 1 year. More Information:
  7. PT AMNT (Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara) Scholarship
    Scholarship for students from West Sumbawa Regency and Sumbawa Regency Indonesia. Scholarships are awarded for 2 semesters. More Information:
  8. BSI Scholarship Inspirasi
    BSI Scholarship is a scholarship program initiated by BSI Maslahat and Bank Syariah Indonesia. The target of this program is specifically for undergraduate students (S1) 3rd semester or 2nd-year students. This program will last for 2 years (3rd-6th semester). BSI Scholarship Inspirasi is a scholarship aimed at equalizing education for underprivileged students. It is hoped that the BSI Scholarship Inspirasi program can form future leaders of the ummah who are characterized, trustworthy, and can be role models who can contribute to building the ummah, especially in the Islamic financial economy industry. Information about the BSI Scholarship registration can be found at or Instagram page @bsi_scholarship.
  9. BAZNAS Jateng Scholarship
    The National Amil Zakat Agency of Central Java Province, through the BAZNAS Scholarship Institution (LBB), is a program of the Distribution and Empowerment Division which is tasked with providing educational funds to ensure the continuity of educational programs for underprivileged/poor students as an intergenerational responsibility. In its duties, LBB organizes the functions of Planning, Implementation, Control, and Reporting. Scholarships are awarded for 1 year. More Information:
  10. Wonogiri Mapres Scholarship
    Scholarship by the regent of Wonogiri Regency as a form of appreciation for Outstanding Students in Wonogiri Regency. Registering yourself through the Wonogiri Imapres page and then participating in file selection, KTI, Vlogs, and interviews. Which KTI and Vlog are trying to realize by contributing to the related OPD. This scholarship is intended for all students from all universities in Indonesia that have accreditation A. Register via the website: However, the link is currently inaccessible. You can also look for information that can be obtained via Instagram
  11. Be SMART Madiun (Madiun City People’s Student Scholarship)
    The Madiun City Government, East Java, organizes the Be SMART scholarship program, this is an educational assistance program aimed specifically at Madiun residents who are new graduates among high school / SMK / MAN students who want to continue their education at the tertiary level or active students at private universities (PTS) in Madiun city and state universities (PTN) inside and outside Madiun city. This program is also intended for students and students who come from underprivileged families. More Information:
  12. Adaro Scholarship
    Educational Assistance for students with outstanding and superior personalities from marginal-income family groups.
  13. The work of Salemba Empat Foundations
    Organized to assist the financial needs of students in need. The aim is to encourage and help prepare scholarship recipients to become graduates who have integrity, national insight, and love for the homeland, country, and nation. Scholarships are awarded for 8 semesters. More Information:
  14. UNS CSR Scholarship
    1 Semester Tuition Scholarship for flag-raising troops 2022
  15. BRIGHT Scholarship
    The scholarship pays tuition, living allowance, and coaching with dormitory facilities. The scholarship is given for 6 semesters. More Information: or Instagram @ybmbrilian
  16. SMART Scholarship
    Smart Scholarship is a scholarship program provided to high school students in grade XI and undergraduate students from PTN Partners in the form of achievement allowances for 1 year. Awardees are also provided with regular, planned, and directed coaching to produce superior human resources, character, competence, and competitiveness. Awardees of this scholarship have the opportunity to take part in the Bright Scholarship selection through the affirmation pathway. More Information: