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The main task of the Department of Biology Education is to prepare education for biology educators who are reliable, independent, able to survive in the global social transformation arena. Studying biology means preparing yourself for the ever-changing natural phenomena.

The Biology Education Study Program has a high adaptability to the development of science. this is evidenced by routinely reconstructing a dynamic curriculum that can always be improved, updated, and updated according to the dynamics of needs and changing times. Our alumnae are educators who are responsive and ready to face the challenges of their times, without being uprooted from their nation's cultural roots. Currently BBE applies the OBE-based KPT MBKM 2020 curriculum and refers to the KKNI, SN-Dikti, the agreement of the Indonesian Biology Consortium (KOBI), the Indonesian Biology Education Study Program Consortium (KPBI), and the Indonesian Society for Biology Educators and Researchers (HPPBI), as well as input from stakeholders who were recruited through questionnaires and tracer studies, UNS Rector Regulation No. 31 of 2020, and 13 Subject Specific Criteria for Life Sciences

We strive continuously to improve the quality of education through various activities, including through an Internal Quality Audit (AMI) every semester and an external quality audit by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT). Since 2012 the Bachelor Program in Biology Education FTTE UNS has implemented ISO 9001 to ensure the quality of learning and meet the quality standards of the UNS Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI). In 2019 the BPBE has received an A rank accreditation from BAN-PT.

Being part of the BPBE means preparing yourself to become an adaptive future educator, a true learner who is skilled, flexible and resilient (agile learner).


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