In connection with the start of odd semester lectures in August 2020-January 2021, for the sake of smooth lectures and practicum activities, Biology Education Study Program opens opportunities for Biology Education Study Program students to be able to join the Practicum Assistant Team.

The requirements for prospective practicum assistant students are as follows.

  1. Minimum Semester III (have taken courses that will be taught in practicum)
  2. Obtain a minimum score (A-) for the practicum courses that will be assisted
  3. A student can apply to a maximum of two different practicum subjects
  4. A student is only allowed to be an assistant for a maximum of 1 (one) practicum subject
  5. Especially for assistants for plant morphology anatomy courses (semester 1), prospective assistants must have taken plant morphology and plant anatomy courses with a minimum score of A-

Registration is open since28 August 2020 s.d 04 September 2020

Assistant registration by filling out the form at the following link:

The practical subjects in question are as follows: