Program Learning Outcomes of Bachelor’s Programme in Biology Education


Code Description of PLO
Specialist Competence (Knowledge, Specific Skills)
PLO1 They are able to demonstrate their knowledge of fundamental science and mathematics and relates to biological problems
PLO2 They are able to apply the knowledge on basic and advanced biology to solve the problem in biology
PLO3 They are able to analyse, evaluate, design and implement the lesson plan, and counselling program based on pedagogical knowledge
PLO4 They are able to demonstrate the research methodology in biology and its teaching and learning and publish the results of the research
PLO5 They are able to select and analyse the proper technology and information or data in accomplishing regular tasks
PLO6 They are able to demonstrate laboratory works, design and implement the experiment based on laboratory knowledge, skills, safety, environmental issue, and social ethics problem
Social Competencies (General skills and Attitudes)
PLO7 They are able to solve problem and present the idea argumentatively
PLO8 They are able to communicate verbal and non verbal effectively using the proper communication media
PLO9 They are able to apply the managerial and leadership principles in the field work and work in a multi discipline and multi cultural team
PLO10 They are able to demonstrate creativity, accuracy, discipline, responsibility, adaptability, have an independent initiative, autonomous learning, and do lifelong learning