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  • Virtual Tour UNS
    Solo is a city that never "dies". There are always new changes in this city, and that can describe how living in Solo. On the other hand, considering the relatively cheap cost of living in Solo and with all the easy access to transportation, it can be an attraction in itself to decide to live in The Spirit of Java.
  • How to Go to UNS
    To go to the UNS campus in Surakarta city, you can travel from outside the city with various types of transportation like planes, trains, and buses. By Bus: Journey by bus from Jakarta to Solo can generally take around 10 hours. if you travel from an area in East Java you can take a bus to Solo and get off directly at the front of the UNS campus. But if you come from another city, for example, Semarang or Jakarta, you can get off at the Tirtonadi terminal first and then take any local transportation to get to the UNS campus. By Plane: There are so many choices of airlines that you can use to get to Solo from various cities in Indonesia. Usually, there are three flight schedules per day for several airlines that have destinations to Solo, especially to Adi Soemarmo Airport (SOC). From Adi Sumarmo airport, which is located in Colomadu, you can take any local transportation such as a taxi or Batik Solo Trans to go to the UNS campus.

    By Train: For those of you who go to Solo using train, you can get off at Purwosari Station, Jebres Station, or Balapan Station then continues with a city bus heading to Palur, get off at the front of UNS campus, Kentingan. To find out train routes and schedules, you can install the KAI Access application ( on your mobile phone.

  • Description of Solo city by CIMSA UNS
    Enjoying Solo is not only about food and drinks, but many international-class cultural events held on every weekend annually. Solo never dies to describe the richness of Javanese culture. Studying at UNS (Sebelas Maret University) and living in Solo was the right decision.
  • Residences
    UNS is not far from the central government area of the city of Surakarta (Solo) will also greatly facilitate students in reaching service centers such as immigration offices, hospitals, culinary centers, shopping centers, refueling stations. It can reduce the transportation costs needed to reach these places. The cost of boarding or temporary residence is quite varied. The rental fee for the Campus dormitory starts from Rp. 150,000/month. Boarding fees start from Rp 1.5 million/year, the general fee is 3 to 4 million/year, accordingly with supporting facilities such as bathrooms, Wi-Fi, electricity, and water, distance to the campus, environment, and the condition newly bulid or long ones. The living costs during studying at UNS are quite affordable. Usually, the expenses are only around Rp. 400,000 - Rp. 700,000 per month. With only Rp. 5,000, you can get delicious food such as soup with rice and a glass of water. The following is a list of some places to buy food as well as the estimated cost of one visit (eating and drinking), and shopping centers around the UNS campus All expenses calculated about the total cost of living for transport, meals, and buying other needs, electricity, water, and Wi-Fi ranges from Rp. 500,000 to Rp 1,000,000 spended each month. These costs could be classified as affordable when compared to other cities
  • Tourism
    Studying in Solo, the heart of Javanese culture is not enough to just enjoy campus academic activities. Also enjoy sightseeing around this city. Not only the nuances of art and culture are fun, but also the attractions that are held in it. Also, feel a trip back in time with Solo culinary that is timeless and its historical journey.Educational, Art, and Cultural TourSolo is famous for its culture and art. Take time and enjoy wayang orang performances, traditional dances, contemporary, keris crafts, shadow puppets, and gamelan, as well as discussions about literature, poetry, humanitarian themes in this city. To enjoy it all you can go to :

    Balai Soedjatmoko (Soedjatmoko hall); Triwindu Antiques Market; Gamelan Studio; Keris Crafting Studio; Wayang Kulit Bale Agung Studio; Balekambang Park; Central Java Cultural Educational Park (TBJT); Taru Jurug Zoo; Sriwedari Theatre

    Historical Tour

    A journey would not be complete without knowing the history of the city. Solo city has been established since the XVI century. Enjoy a trip to the past through the following places:

    Northern and Southern Squares (AlKid); Vastenberg Fort; Kasunanan Palace; Solo Press Monument; Radya Pustaka Museum; Mangkunegaran Palace


    Your life journey in Solo feels less than perfect without tasting its unique and interesting culinary heritage. Taste the timeless delights of this city, such as:

    Bakmi Toprak Solo; Cabuk Rambak; Dawet Ayu Pasar Gede; Gempol Pleret; Gudeg Ceker; Intip; Nasi Liwet; ; Pecel Ndeso; Rambak petis; Roti Kecik; Roti Mandarin; Sambel Tumpang; Sate Buntel; Sate Kere; Selat Segar Solo; Serabi Solo; Soto Gading; Soto Triwindu; Area Lapangan Kota Barat; Galabo; Susu Segar; Tahok; Tahu Kupat; Tengkleng; Timlo Solo; Wedang Dongo; Wedang Asle dan Ronde; Wedangan


    It does not feel like a tour to Solo if you have not spent your money to collect various types of clothing with Javanese motifs, merchandise, and various other handicraft products. Get other signature crafts at :

    Kauman Batik Village; Laweyan Batik Village; Ndalem Tjokrosoemartan; Danar Hadi Batik Museum; Wuryaningratan Batik Museum; Ngarsopuro Saturday Night Market; Depok Animal Market; Klewer Apparel and Fabric Market; Gede Fruit Market; Triwindu Antiques Market; Klitikan Notoharjo Unique Goods Market; Java Craft

  • Community
    Studying at UNS is not memorable if you only take part in academic activities. Here, there are also various Non-UKM communities where students can join and exchange experiences. Starting from regional, scientific, and tinkering communities and communities that share the same interests/hobbies. These are some of the communities: Green Movement Community (GMC), AIESEC Expansion UNS, CIMSA UNS, Earth Hour, Student English Forum (SEF), Ichirorenji Japanese Culture Community, Social Community "Jejak Mimpi Anak Negeri", Boyolali Student Community (KMB) UNS, Purworejo Student Community (Kompor), Klaten Student Community (CoKlat), Jadetabek Student Community (Jali-Jali), Bogor Student Community (Plat F), and so on.
  • Public Transportation
    The Solo Government has public transportation available for the public and still free during the pandemic. The transportation is in the form of buses and angkot cars (FEEDER) joined in one group namely BST (Batik Solo Trans) and for the route can be seen on the application "TEMAN BUS" which can be seen on the web ( For those of you who want to use taxis and ojek (motorcycle taxis), you can try these services via an application on your mobile phone. Recommended service providers are Go-Jek, Grab, and Maxim, the three service providers are quite competent and provide competitive prices and you can enjoy many promos from each service provider every day
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