International Student Mobility at BBE Program
No Name Platform Organizer Course Period Scholarship
1 Citra Mashita Physical teaching practicum SEAMEO Changrai Rajabhat University Thailand 17 July to 15 Aug 2016 FTTE
2 Ayu Rahma Ulufa Nuri Physical teaching practicum SEAMEO SEA-TEACHER Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University (Suankularb Wittayalai Rangsit School), Thailand 10 Jan – 15 Feb 2017 FTTE
3 Christian Adi pratama Physical teaching practicum SEAMEO Saint Louis University laboratory high school 6 Aug  – 3 Sept 2017 FTTE
4 Azhari Fatikhasuri Physical teaching practicum SEAMEO Valaya Demonstration School, Thailand Jan-Feb 2018 FTTE
5 Zakia Yolanda Physical teaching practicum SEAMEO Technological Institute of The Philippines (TIP) 13 Jan – 10 Feb 2019 FTTE
6 Alysa Nur Chasanah Alam Majid EdX Kyoto University The Extreme of Life: Microbes and Their Diversity 18 Oct – 15 Nov 2020 Global Challenge UNS
7 Ani Satun Zahro Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cell Biology – Transport 03 Nov- 01 Dec 2020 Global Challenge UNS
8 Dwika Sarnia Putri EdX MichiganX Improvement Science in Educationstudent 21 Oct-29 Dec 2020 Global Challenge UNS
9 Eka Febriyanti EdX TsinghuaX Exploring Psychology’s Core Concepts 21 Oct-31 Dec 2020 Global Challenge UNS
10 Haniifah EdX Columbia University Inclusive Teacher: Supporting All Student in the College 26 Oct- 31 Dec 2020 Global Challenge UNS
11 Isna Kusuma Wardani EdX Babson College BPET.ETAx: The Entrepreneurial Mindset 18 Nov-07 Jan 2020 Global Challenge UNS
12 Lisa Rosita EdX Imperial College London Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success 02 Sept 2020- 02 Jan 2021 Global Challenge UNS
13 Rahmi Alifah Iswanti Dewi Situs University of Manchesters Industrial Biotechnology 07 Nov- 18 Dec 2020 Global Challenge UNS
14 Alysa Nur Chasanah Alam Majid Physical University, Latvia Biology Sept 2021- Dec 2021 IISMA
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