Botany Laboratory (1D 107)

Capacity 15 students. Utilization: Practicum of courses related to Plant, which are Diversity and Classification of Phanerogamae, Cryptogamae, Plant Ecology, Plant Anatomy, and Morphology. Facilities: Desk, table, chair, AC, Wifi, Oven, Herbarium Cupboard, Plant specimens, GPS, Prism Compass, Sasak, Branche's scissors, Raincoat, Lup magnifying glass, Roll metre, Pinset, Transect pipe 1 x 1 m, Knife, Protactor.

Zoologi Labolatory (1D 108)

capacity of 15 people, which serves for the practical course of Invertebrate Diversity and Classification, Vertebrate Diversity and Classification; Animal Ecology; and Animal Morphology. Facilities: Lab Table, Lab Chair, AC, Wifi, Preserved Animal Specimen, Aquarium, Binoculars, Plankton net, Refractometer, SRCC, Water sampler, Section scissors, Watch glass, Paraffin board

Phisyologi Labolatory (1D 209)

Capacity of 15 people, which serves for the practicum of Animal Physiology, Plant Physiology, and Human Physiology. Facilities: Lab table, Lab chair, AC, Wifi, Blood lancet, glassware, Egg incubator, human model/torso, cell division model, human skeleton model, Optotype snellen Osmometer, Respirometer, Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, Thermometer, Urinometer

Microbiology Labolatory

Capacity of 15 people, which serves for Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Genetics practicum. Facilities: Lab Table, Lab Chair, Air Conditioning, Wifi, Autoclave, glassware, Centrifuge, Laminar air flow, Refrigerator, Magnetic stirrer, Microcentrifuge, Digital balance, Oven, pipette, Spectrophotometer, Water Bath

Anatomy Labolatory (1D 203)

Capacity of 15 people, serves for practical activities for the courses of Plant Anatomy, Animal Anatomy, Human Anatomy, Plant Embryology, Animal Embryology. Facilities: Lab table, Lab chair, Air conditioning, Wifi, Altimeter, Wooden block/holder, glassware, equipment in section, Microtome, Refrigerator, Ohaus Electric balance microscope, Oven, Preserved microscopic preparations, Refractometer, Slide drying bench, Staining jar

Microteaching Labolatory 1D 406 dan 1D 407

kapasitas masing-masing 15 orang, yang berfungsi melayani praktek pengajaran mikro. Fasilitas: Ruang Kontrol: Komputer, Meja Kursi, Audio Control, Video Control Ruang Praktek Pengajaran Mikro: Meja kursi, microphone, papan tulis, kamera, LCD