Bachelor of Biology Education Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Sebelas Maret University always try to improve the quality of academic and non academic services to students and staffs by building a network with various parties. The number of partnership that BBE Program have signed increase day by day. Most of the partnerships are with the Board of Education at regional level, and also schools. The partnerships cover some activities, such as guidance for middle school students who will compete in the national biology olympiad, internship, teaching practicum, and as well as a place for doing educational research. Other collaborations are established with some research institutions, national park, and museum to do collaborative research. BBE Program also expand the collaboration with some overseas universities to conduct international conference, visiting lecturers, and staff mobility. To improve the quality of teaching, learning, and practicum, BBE Program also signed an agreement with some laboratories, and industries.

Data of national level partnership

Domestic agencies that cooperate