The current curriculum of the Biology Education Study Program FTTE UNS is the 2018 Curriculum and the 2020 Curriculum. The 2018 curriculum is the result of an evaluation of the 2016 Curriculum. The 2020 Curriculum is the curriculum reconstruction which took place on May 22, 2020. The 2020 curriculum adopts the Independent Learning Campus Program (MBKM), which gives students the opportunity to take courses/internships/independent activities outside the BBE Study Program for 3 semesters, namely one semester (equivalent to 20 credits) outside other study programs within UNS, and two semesters (equivalent to 40 credits) at other study programs or cognate study programs outside UNS.

Curriculum reconstruction is carried out by taking into account the development of knowledge and technology, changes in global society, government policies, and input from lecturers, students, alumni, graduate users, partners, and agreements in the Indonesian Biology Consortium (KOBI), and the Indonesian Biology Education Study Program Consortium (KPPBI).

Curriculum 2020