Internet access facilities at UNS are marked by the presence of SAT (Independent Access Terminal), namely at UPT TIK UNS. Hotspot facilities are also available at the Faculty of KIP and can be used by the entire academic community of FKIP UNS. The bandwidthcapacity at UNS is 1.5 Gbps, with each client sharing up to 10 Mbps. The existence and use of the internet to the level of the study program. There are 8 internet hotspots in the Biology Education Study Program, whose existence can be utilized by the entire academic community. In various places within the Biology Education Study Program campus, internet networks via hotspots are easy to obtain.

The Information System for Academic Supporting

  1. Academic Information System (SIAKAD)
  2. UNS-Open CourseWare (OCW)
  3. E-Learning System (SPADA)
  4. Graduation Portal FTTE UNS
  5. Room Management System
  6. School Internship (PLP)
  7. E-Journal UNS
  8. UNS Student Achievements System (SIPSMART)
  9. Scholarship Services System (SIBEA)
  10. Academic Services System
  11. Product and Research
  12. Student Activities Unit (UKM)
  13. UNS Hospital
  14. UNS Student Affairs
  15. UNS Alumnae
  16. Career Development Center (CDC) UNS