Facilities at UNS
No Name Facilities Additional Information
1 Information Technology and Communication Unit (UPT TIK) The online network that has been connected to all units is supported with a bandwidth capacity of 350 Mbps and is equipped with hotspot facilities that provide 24-hour WiFi access to reach 80% of the campus area. have a function to serve a computer-based practicum, and internet services
2 Language Training and Services Unit (UPT2B) Have three digitalised language laboratories, Multimedia Studio, classroom, and auditorium The types of services provided include language training (English, French, Japanese, Mandarin, German, Arabic, and Dutch as well as Indonesian for Foreign Speakers (BIPA)), tests (TOEFL ITP, TOEIC, IELTS, IELTS-Prediction, HSK, EAP, and Academic Potential Test (TPA)), translation (from a foreign language into Indonesian and vice versa), training on translation, editing, and proofreading.
3 Integrated Laboratory Unit (UPT Laboratorium Terpadu) Chemistry Lab Room, Biology Lab, Air Lab, Physics Lab and Calibration, Instrument Lab equipped with glassware and support for practicum and research. Large instruments: UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, AAS, GC, DMA, ATR-FTIR, Particle size analyzer (PSA), PCR The UNS Integrated Laboratory is managed by the university and functions as a calibration testing laboratory, and is used for practicum and research for students and lecturers
4 Medical Center Consists of General Health, Dental, Eye, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Heart and Psychiatric services Medical services for students and staffs
5 Sport Center Outdoor and Indoor (Stadium, Football ground, badminton, etc.) The stadium and GOR are used for extracurricular activities held by the Student Activity Unit (UKM)
6 Worship Places Mosque, Church, Pura (Hinduist), Vihara (Buddhist), Klenteng (Confucianist) As a place for all students and staffs to do worship based on their religion
7 Student Center halls, Student Activity Unit (UKM) rooms / extracurricular activities to support student activities
8 International Student Lounge Space for learning/discussion, chairs, wifi, computer, books to support international students of UNS
9 Bank Branch offices and ATM (BNI, BTN, Mandiri Bank, Jateng Bank) Support for the convenience of banking facilities for the UNS academic community.
10 Cafeteria Canteen, Foodcourt 8 canteens and food courts in the main campus as supporting facilities to provide healthy, nutritious and instant food
11 Arboretum of UNS Lake Garden/Park, Water Reservoir, Gazebo, wifi to support field practicum, learning and discussion
12 Museum UNS Collection of historical artefacts of UNS (1952-1980) provide information services, historical data, and cultural documentation for students, researchers, and the general public
13 UNS Press & UNS Bookstore Printing and Publisher one of the supporting units that aims to publish scientific works, especially books, related to education, results of symposiums or seminars, and research results
14 Student Co-op Shops, savings and loan units, financing, rental services, freight forwarding services. Student organization engaged in business cooperatives which aims to develop the potential of its members, one of which is in the business sector.
15 Indonesian Civil Servant Co-op (KPRI UNS) Consists of a savings and loan unit, a shop unit for daily necessities and a guesthouse/lodging service unit The membership of KPRI UNS are lecturers and staff, both active and retired
16 SPBU Modular 2 Modular Gas Stations, which provide Pertalite, Pertamax, and Pertamina Dex provide the fuel & gasoline for the UNS academic community, collaborate with PERTAMINA (The National Oil Petroleum Company)
17 Wastewater Treatment (IPAL) The Waste Water Management Installation (IPAL) is one of the installations built for domestic waste sanitation with a capacity of 1,290 cubic meters per day The IPAL can also be a source for learning and research related to domestic wastewater sanitation
18 SPAM (Sistem Pengolahan Air Minum) Water Reservoir, Pompa menggunakan energi solar cell, 50 titik dispenser air siap minum, 100 titik water tap yang tersebar di jurusan dan unit kerja di lingkungan UNS Menyediakan pelayanan air minum (portable water) bagi civitas akademika, secara significant mengurangi limbah anorganik di lingkungan UNS dengan pengurangan sampah dari botol dan gelas air mineral
19 UNS Hospital It is a hospital with service types A, B and C, has 200 rooms, and in the early stages it opens inpatient services with a capacity of 60 patients with 10 specialist polyclinics and Emergency Installation facilities, laboratories which are open 24 hours. An integrated place for education, research, and health services in the fields of medical and/or dentistry education, continuing education, and other health education in a multi-professional manner
20 UNS Inn/Training Center meeting rooms, lodging rooms, restaurants support for seminars and training activities
21 UNS workshop Motorcycle and car maintenance Bengkel Auto 11 provides vehicles services for UNS community and public as well